The Loutraki Forest Fire Protection Association is an environmental non-profit-making body, whose main purpose is to encourage civilians for voluntary fire fighting and protect the Corinthian mountains, as well as provide assistance (as far as possible) to the State Forest Fire Services.

Our Association cooperates with the Fire Department, Civil Protection, and any other organization whose aim is for the protection of the Municipality of Loutraki area.

The idea was born in 2005 by a small group of passionate people. The association then registered with the Civil Protection Department – registration number 17/2006. The driving force behind the idea was to protect green spaces that are minimal and so precious to our Corinthos county. This small group of people wanted to contribute and offer their own time to the protect the forests. They organized a team that worked together with the Fire Department in preventing and extinguishing fires.

During the 2005-2018 fire-fighting period, our volunteer group (always in conjunctions with the relevant authorities) got involved and actively took part in in all incidents that occurred not only in our area of responsibility but in other regions, successfully preventing any further possible disasters.

At the same time our members took part in tree plantings and ‘clean up operations’ organized by the Municipality of Loutraki.

Our association has a fully equipped fleet of vehicles:

1) Mitsubishi L200 4×4 capacity 850 lt
2) 2 Opel 4×4 capacity of 870 lt
3) Mazda 4×4 capacity 870 lt
4) Fiat 4×4 capacity 1500 lt
5) 2 Quad bikes
6) 2 Crosser bikes
7) The association also has personal protection equipment, wireless communication equipment and APW’s.

The activities of our team are not only limited to the above, but we aim to assist and aid our society and encourage our citizens to the idea of the importance of voluntary work which gives a personal sense of satisfaction and achievement.

After all, it is in our hands not to be just spectators.


Our teams HQ is at the Loutraki Reservoir Park on the German Road.

In order to better monitor any given situation, there are two observation towers which are located in Nea Politia and the The Island (Schinos).